How to sell your house quickly

26 June 2015

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If you want to sell your house quickly but are not sure how to go about doing so, we offer you advice on all the options available to selling your home quick.

Trouble in 2007 for the UK housing market

The British property market has been subjected to many ups and downs over the past 10 years. When the U.S market crashed and UK mortgage providers had been over-lending with 100%+ mortgages to first time buyers property values in the UK hit an all time low in almost 20 years. We all thought the property boom was never going to end, but sadly it did. And home owners who had a lot of negative equity struggled to keep their homes, or even unable to sell.

Selling your house in 2015 what are the options

8 years on and a recent article showed that house prices in 2015 have rocketed to a point we are almost at the same point as we were in 2007. Unfortunately a lot of this data for UK house prices includes London, which as we already know has growth like no other city. So for home owners in the North East such as Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham or Middlesbrough might not have property that is worth what they paid for it prior to the property boom crashing.

Quick House Sale Options in 2015

  1. Stage your home for the best possible house sale price
  2. Switch to a buy to let or let to buy mortgage
  3. Use a quick house sale company such as Easy 2 Sell

The Pros & Cons of selling your house with an estate agent

  • The average agent fees in the North East for selling your house in the traditional sense is between 1% and 4 %
  • It takes time to sell your house with an estate agent, maybe time you don’t have.
  • Staging your home to look its best to sell is not only costly but time consuming

Letting your home instead of selling by switching to a buy to let or let to buy mortgage

If you desperately want to move home but can’t afford to sell it, then speak to a mortgage advisor who can switch your current mortgage to a buy to let or let to buy mortgage then speak to a letting agent who is proven to get great tenants who pay on time.

Use a quick house sale company for an instant cash offer on your home

Easy 2 Sell offer a unique alternative to selling your home. How it works you get a FREE no obligation cash offer, agree the sale price, take the cash and move on to pastures new.

Benefits of selling your house for cash

  • No fuss, no waiting for the right offer
  • Instant cash offer
  • No estate agent fees saving you the standard 1-4% selling fees
  • A great solution if your home is at threat of being repossessed.

Get a cash offer on your house today

If you want to know more about our quick house sale solution call Easy 2 Sell today on 0800 980 5058.




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