Selling your house without an estate agent

Selling your house without an estate agent with Quick House Sale For Cash

Quick house selling has never been so easy thanks to Quick House Sale For Cash – the North East’s leading service of its kind.

Selling your house through an estate agent can be slow and ponderous – and you certainly wouldn’t describe your typical house move as easy or hassle-free.

To get quick cash for your home and put an end to months and months of waiting contact us on 0800 980 5058 and request a call-back from our proficient home-buying team.

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Why would you agree to pay for all the costs an estate agent and solicitor requires only to find that a house move costs more than it is really worth. The hassle of organising viewings for potential buyers is annoying enough in itself, let alone the moment you realise people are no longer interested in your house and everything was just another waste of time. It made you lose another afternoon and your privacy was invaded yet again.

Selling a house can take well over six months in many cases, but often people don’t have the luxury of that much time. Sometimes when you move, you need cash for your house fast!

What happens when you are struggling to sell your house?

You have spent loads of sleepless nights worrying about never selling your home. You have wasted many afternoons hosting viewings and missing work. And your plans to move into a new home and start a fresh life have been held back because of your lack of funds. 

On top of that, you’re preparing to hand an estate agent part of the proceeds of any house sale and the cost of conveyancing and building surveys is giving you a headache.

So not much. 

And this is without even taking into account the financial difficulty for those who have fallen behind with mortgage payments and are at risk of being evicted. Repossessions can be a serious worry for those people who have lost a job or find themselves falling on hard times. In many instances people need to downsize or move into rented accommodation to free up cash within a week.

We buy any house North East

For those more interested in an easy way to turn bricks and mortar into cash, Quick House Sale For Cash is here to help you get rid of the stress of selling through an estate agent.

When you contact our home buying team, we make you a genuine cash offer right on the spot once we received a few details about your property – size, approximate value, location – so we can make sure you get the best deal.

We guarantee to buy your house and can exchange in as little as 2 days so you receive quick cash and can move on to pastures new. There is no talk of months of waiting or any charges.

After 10 years of helping people in the North East sell their houses easily and hassle-free, we have come to understand you should not be charged for these services.

There are absolutely no outstanding fees to pay: no estate agent fees, legal costs, valuation costs or survey fees.

We know privacy is also important to you and we respect that. There is no third party involved in the deal and there are no ‘for sale’ signs to bother you.

So give tradition a miss and make your next house move a fast and simple process. Just pick up the phone and dial 0800 980 5058 to get a FREE real cash offer on the spot for your house. 

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