How to sell your house quick for cash

How to sell your house quick

Speeding up the conveyance process is one of the most important things to do if you want to achieve a really fast sale.

Conveyancing is the full legal process of the ownership transferral that starts from the moment you have accepted an offer for your house and ends when the buyer receives the key.

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Selling your property fast – the legal work

Before even setting out and contacting estate agents about selling your house, it is important to consider some of the matters involved in the process. Conveyancing is probably the one thing that can cause the most problems.

Fast-forwarding a few months to the point when you have finally received and accepted the right offer for your property, you are now faced with the question of completing the legal paperwork.

You can either do it yourself – if you’re confident enough and have the time and skill – or you can chase up solicitors and instruct them to do it for you. If your estate agent suggests one, be very careful at the extra costs and commissions that can come with it.

Trustworthy solicitor

This is the point when you have to make a shrewd decision and appoint someone who is known to complete the proceedings quickly.

After you decide on a fee and sign the contract with them, the solicitor or conveyancer you decide to appoint will start the process by drawing up the drafts for the contracts and inform your buyer’s solicitor about it.

Use your knowledge to sell your house quick

It is important that you know the ins and outs of your property. Being able to answer any question effectively can speed things up may help to limit costs.

This will also be important when the condition of your house, as you can make some final improvements to your house and why not increase its value a bit.

Be strict with deadlines – making sure they are met is your job! – and keep an eye on the paperwork at all times.

Also, try to be open when it comes to the small details of the deal as it can make the process faster and always offer plenty of information to both sets of solicitors.

It is hard to approximate how long the whole process of conveyancing lasts and it’s even harder to predict what can go wrong. The legal work has to be completed nonetheless and the stress and hassle it brings is something you have to overcome if you decide to sell your house in the traditional way.

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