Need to sell my house fast – 3 easy steps

Quick House Sale for Cash we will buy any house in the North East in no time! Let us show you how simple it is.

Looking for an efficient way to sell your house for cash money? We can put money on your table in just 3 easy steps. Find out how it’s done! 

If you want to achieve that fast sale you need so much and also receive a fair offer that reflects the real value of your house contact our team today by calling 0800 980 5058 and request a call back.

Contact us to sell your property fast

You heard it right! All you do is get in touch with our expert home buying team and you get an instant FREE no obligation offer for your property.

We only need to find out a few basic details about your house in order to present you with the best possible offer. We’re interested in the neighbourhood the property is located, its size and the mortgage left to pay.

Once you have accepted our offer, the pressure is off. Let us handle the process. We will provide and pay for the best solicitors in the North East, so you can relax and think about where you want to live next.

We talk to your lender

Our legal team will contact your mortgage lender on your behalf and complete the agreement for the transferral of the property’s ownership.

We have even stopped repossessions within 24 hours of being contacted – get in touch with us immediately if your home is at threat of being repossessed and our legal team will handle the situation. We can exchange in as little as 2 days!

Our philosophy requires us to make sure you receive the respect you deserve so we only work to timescales that suit you and we like to keep you informed at all times.

We can help you quick sell your house in any situation. More than 10 years of experience on the property market have taught us all about home selling so you can rest assured you are looked after by a professional team.

We pay for all the legal fees, the independent RICS survey that evaluates your property and any other expenses. The initial offer we make you will be the exact amount you will receive in cash once we exchange contracts.

We buy your house for cash

There are no chains so no risk of the deal to fall through. We don’t depend on any other house sales as we have cash money available. You sell your house; we put the money on your table.

Many people say this is the fairest deal available on the market at the moment.

We guarantee to buy your house regardless of its condition. We have bought first-class properties and also properties that needed a lot of repair work.

It really is as good as it sounds – in just 3 easy steps you get cash money for your house. There is no way our offer can be beaten by any other genuine home buying company.

Confidentiality has been a request from many of our clients and we have come to understand how important it is for any quick house sale. The deal is closed between you and us – we buy the house directly from you with cash.

Get in touch with our proficient home buying team right now on 0800 980 5058 and request a call back for a FREE no obligation cash offer for your home.

Request A Cash Offer On Your House Today

Based on a property
value of £100,000

Easy 2 Sell Estate Agent
Offer you would receive £75,000 * £86,000 **
Average length of sale 3-6 weeks 31 weeks***
How secure is the sale? Very, no chain The buyer is likely to be unproven
Flexible completion! Whenever you like Mercy of the chain
Number of Viewings required to attract a sale! 1 14 ****
Other costs including mortgage payments, Insurance etc * NIL £2,500 *****
Total received £75,000
In 1 month
In 7 months

* May vary depending on value, location, condition and rental yield
** Drop from initial marketing price to offer accepted was 14% (Source Rightmove +)
*** Average length of time property was on the market before an offer was accepted Source Rightmove +)
**** Average number of viewings before a successful sale was agreed (Source Rightmove +)
***** Based on a £50,000 mortgage over 20 years with a pay rate of 5% and insurance costs of £300 PA