The answer is often too long. Selling a house is no walk in the park – with differences on the cost of properties so striking, it’s hard to receive an offer that reflects the real value of your house.

Even harder though is selling your home in a short time, without having to wait for months and months before eventually being forced to lower the price and achieve a sale.

If you want to receive a FREE no obligation offer and quick sell your property, just get in touch now with Quick House Sale For Cash’s friendly home buying team on 0800 980 5058 and request a call back.


Property for sale – the usual struggle

After helping people in the North East to get a quick sale on their house for more than 10 years, we are experts in understanding how the property market works.

A recent study showed that, due to a number of reasons, it can take longer than anywhere else in the United Kingdom to sell a house in the North East. Many people are currently struggling to move home and in order to get a deal, people are being forced to slash the price considerably in order to close a deal.

It depends a lot on the property’s condition, the amount of repair work that needs to be done, the neighbourhood in which it is located or mortgage left to pay. Because there are plenty of options on the market, home buyers are very picky so the chances of receiving a good offer after the first few viewings are very low.

Having your home listed on the market for more than three or four months is not particularly desirable. Sometimes people simply can’t afford to lose that much time and need a quick solution – whether that’s because of a necessary relocation due to a new job, financial difficulties or the sad prospect of divorce. In any of these situations, Quick House Sale For Cash is here to help.

Quick home selling – how things work

Once you get in touch with our friendly home buying team, they will discuss the details of your situation with you so they can find the solution that works best for you.

Part of our philosophy is that clients should be treated with the utmost respect, meaning we always work on a timescale that suits you. Whenever you think it’s the most appropriate time for you, one of our experts on the North East property market will meet you and answer any questions you may have.

We know how important it is to have peace of mind, especially when it comes to closing such an important deal. We want you to fully understand how our services work and we wouldn’t put pressure on anybody to go ahead with the transaction if they’re not completely satisfied.

To make sure you are 100% happy with what you do and clear any remaining doubts, we will pay for an independent survey from RICS. Their surveyor will inspect your house and give you an honest evaluation of its condition, so you know the offer we make reflects the real value of your property.

Instead of having to deal with a number of different professionals, such as estate agents, solicitors or conveyancers, you retain one point of contact throughout the entire process. That can help to streamline the system and give you peace of mind.

So get in touch with us today on 0800 980 5058 and request a call back from our proficient home buying team for a FREE no obligation offer for your property.

Based on a property
value of £100,000

Easy 2 Sell Estate Agent
Offer you would receive £75,000 * £86,000 **
Average length of sale 3-6 weeks 31 weeks***
How secure is the sale? Very, no chain The buyer is likely to be unproven
Flexible completion! Whenever you like Mercy of the chain
Number of Viewings required to attract a sale! 1 14 ****
Other costs including mortgage payments, Insurance etc * NIL £2,500 *****
Total received £75,000
In 1 month
In 7 months

* May vary depending on value, location, condition and rental yield
** Drop from initial marketing price to offer accepted was 14% (Source Rightmove +)
*** Average length of time property was on the market before an offer was accepted Source Rightmove +)
**** Average number of viewings before a successful sale was agreed (Source Rightmove +)
***** Based on a £50,000 mortgage over 20 years with a pay rate of 5% and insurance costs of £300 PA