I have inherited a home and need a quick sale

Many who have inherited a home as a result of losing a loved one can find that the upkeep and maintenance is just too expensive. As a result they look to put it on the market and sell it. In some cases this can be incredibly upsetting as you are selling a place that is home to so many memories.


Selling the home of a loved one can be made even more upsetting, when it just sits in an estate agents windows without getting much interest or activity. Often it is the last thing that person wants to go through, so here at Quick House Sale for Cash we believe that often the best way to close such a distressing chapter in your life is to achieve a quick, hassle-free sale.


If this sounds like you and something you want to know more about, then call us now on 0800 980 5058 to speak to our friendly home buying team.


Struggling to sell your home?

We do not just accommodate house sales for those who have inherited property, but those who are also struggling to sell their home for whatever reason. The market is no doubt in difficulty, with house prices high and looking to fall, people are just not investing in property. This is no good for those who have had their homes on the market for a while, as their homes are likely to remain on the market even longer.


Unfortunately you cannot look for your new home until yours has been sold. And this is where Quick House Sale for Cash can accommodate you and your needs. We will purchase any house, just give us a call. There is no waiting to see if we can get a mortgage, there is no waiting for more viewings, a sale is just one phone call away. It takes moments for us to work out an offer for your home, which can be close to the same offer you have had on the market.


Furthermore, the offer includes all fees so you do not have to sort out any lawyers or work alongside any estate agencies. We organise it all for you to make it the simplest process we can.



Selling your home to downsize?

We can even accommodate our services to those who have a family home and want to sell it to downsize. If you have a house that is just too large to handle, and want to downsize to an apartment or a smaller home and need to release some cash held up in your property, then Quick House Sale for Cash will give you a quick and easy sell so you can downsize easily. You do not have to worry about having your home on the market and it costing you a lot to run when ultimately you want to downsize.


Quick House Sale for Cash will give you an offer and take it out of your hands so you can move on and live your new life in your desired home.


Do not hesitate to call us. Whether you have inherited your home, are struggling to sell your home, or just want to downsize your home quickly – whatever the case, we will take care of it.


Call now on 0800 980 5058 and we guarantee to make you an offer that will help you to sell up and move on with your life.

Based on a property
value of £100,000

Easy 2 Sell Estate Agent
Offer you would receive £75,000 * £86,000 **
Average length of sale 3-6 weeks 31 weeks***
How secure is the sale? Very, no chain The buyer is likely to be unproven
Flexible completion! Whenever you like Mercy of the chain
Number of Viewings required to attract a sale! 1 14 ****
Other costs including mortgage payments, Insurance etc * NIL £2,500 *****
Total received £75,000
In 1 month
In 7 months

* May vary depending on value, location, condition and rental yield
** Drop from initial marketing price to offer accepted was 14% (Source Rightmove +)
*** Average length of time property was on the market before an offer was accepted Source Rightmove +)
**** Average number of viewings before a successful sale was agreed (Source Rightmove +)
***** Based on a £50,000 mortgage over 20 years with a pay rate of 5% and insurance costs of £300 PA