Frequently asked questions and answers about quick house sales

At easy2sell we aim to make the process of selling your property as fast, simple and straight forward as possible. The questions and answers on this page give you some general guidance about our “Sell House Fast” service. If you have a question that isn’t answered here you can call us on 0191 257 8729 or email

Who is easy2sell?
Do you charge for valuations?
Are there any fees, charges or hidden costs?
Do you need to arrange to inspect the property internally?
How long does the offer take?
How much will you offer me?
What do you do with the property once you have bought it?
Will anybody know about the sale?
Do I need a Solicitor?
Where do you buy properties?
Can you stop repossession proceedings?
Do you buy properties with tenants?
How do you value my property?
Do I get to see the valuation?
Do you buy in any condition?
How long will the process take?
How long does the offer stand?
Is it a problem if my property is already on the market?
How can you buy so fast?
I am a landlord with a problem tenant, can you help?
I am a builder and have excess stock, will you purchase single units or bulk?
My house sale has fallen through, can you repair the chain?
Do you ever withdraw from a sale?
Can I accept an offer from easy2sell even though I have another offer proceeding?
Where do we make our money?