Looking for a quick house sale? Get an instant offer from the North East’s leading house buying company.

Unlike other companies we’ve been operating in the property sector for over 30 years and we are more than just property investors. We work closely with our clients and tailor our services to their needs.

Sell your house fast!

Selling a property fast can be one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life especially with threats of repossession, matrimonial split, mounting debts or if your buyer has withdrawn from the sale and are in danger of losing your new property.

Quick House Buyer

easy2sell are here to help whatever your circumstances, we offer simple and effective quick house sale solutions that are not available through estate agents, such as exchanging contracts within 24 hours.

We offer an open and honest approach to buying and selling property, and can provide free advice to any problem you may be facing regardless of circumstances. Our goal through our “sell house fast” service is to tailor an effective quick sale solution making the sale of your property as stress and hassle free as possible. We look to offer a guaranteed quick sale with absolutely no fee’s or hidden extras.

We buy your house for cash

At easy2sell, we are very experienced property buyers and have completed on over 2,000 properties over the last 10 years. We have consequently built up an exceptional knowledge of the property market and what is required to provide a quick stress free sale.

How we’ve helped people…

Stopping Repossessions

We’ve stopped repossessions within 24 hours of being contacted due to a close working relationships with efficient solicitors and debt management agencies.

Reducing Debts

We’ve negotiated homeowner’s debts with their creditors and then subsequently bought the property to allow the total debts to be paid off in full.

Inherited Property

We’ve helped families who have inherited a property and were looking for a quick, stress free sale.

All Properties Considered

We’ve bought properties through our “Sell House Fast” service that needed considerable amounts of work and would have failed to meet mortgage lending criteria.

No Chain Equals Less Stress

If the buyer for your property pulls out we can rescue your onward purchase.

Lots of Happy Customers

We’ve helped numerous people to move on with their lives after trying to sell their property for months through an estate agent. We pride ourselves on being very professional and easy to deal with and being very approachable. We are happy to listen and find a quick sell solution whatever the circumstances.

Please call today for a strictly confidential and no obligation chat.

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